We believe that it is everyone’s obligation to build a stronger nation for better tomorrow. And the only resource to build stronger nation is to offer quality education to present generation. The children who got the quality education only can build the stronger nation tomorrow.

Inspired by 5th Goal from SDG set of UNO we observed the need of gender equality, and empowering girls and women is the right choice to meet our dreams of stronger nation.

Education not only empowers a grown up girl, but also makes her economically independent. Economic independence makes a woman feel confident about herself and gives her a sense of accomplishment. Empowerment of girls and women also forms a strong base in the fight against the issue of gender-inequality

We designed our Project Baalika Vidya in such a way to offer quality education to Rural Girl Children through our Edu-tabs which will come with ISCOOL app pre installed. (know more about ISCOOL app). ISCOOL app contains three exclusively designed categories. With the help of these three categories children can take assistance for those important topics from their regular academics, can learn 3000 plus courses from renown universities like Harvard, MIT etc across globe (MOOCS), and also can register for our exclusive courses which may cover most trending and futuristic subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and self help courses like Personality Development, Spoken English etc, professional courses like Photography, Digital Marketing, Cooking etc specially curated for them to stand out from others and be future ready.
Interested registrants will be encouraged to join our Rural Lab concept, where they can express their ideas towards building stronger nation with their inventions / discoveries which may ease existing practices to get better production in agriculture or any other field,  and get assisted by our panel of experts and interested corporates to make those ideas come true.

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